Winnipeg Moving and Storage comes to the Rescue of the Big Blue Bear!!!!!!

The Big Blue Bear has been an iconic fixture at Canad Inns Stadium for many years. From his post beside the Bomber Store, he has greeted fans, celebrated wins with high fives, and provided comfort after losses. People of all ages have had their pictures taken with him and on him and he has become a meeting place for many. The Never Alone Foundation donated the Big Blue Bear to the stadium as part of a fund raising project for CancerCare Manitoba in 2006.

Lyle Bauer explains “The bear is symbolic of my first steps to recovery as it was unveiled during the spring I completed treatments. I have also looked at that bear as a stark reminder of my journey and the journey of so many others.  It is a true symbol of our resolve to ensure that those who fight this disease are Never Alone!

I am so pleased that Brad Krulicki and Winnipeg Moving and Storage have given the bear a new home. Brad has been a steadfast supporter of both the Never Alone Foundation and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Big Blue will have a great new home. “

The Big Blue Bear can be seen by thousands of Manitoba motorists on Route 90 where it will be prominently displayed at Winnipeg Moving and Storage. Able Cranes have graciously volunteered to move Big Blue and will begin the move at 9 A.M. on Wednesday December 12

For more information please call Shirlee Preteau at 204-779-2441, or by email at [email protected]