At Winnipeg Moving, our local movers have years and years of experience moving with safety in mind. That’s why our residential movers in Winnipeg are here to share their best tips for preventing injuries during a move. Heavy lifting and transporting furniture can seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be if you take a few precautionary steps that we’ll explain. 

Start the Day Off Right

Before you start any heavy lifting, make sure you feel ready to do some hard work. Having the right amount of sleep, food, and water is critical to moving safely. Make sure you have: 

·      8 Hours of Sleep 

·      Proper Hydration 

·      Hearty Breakfast/Lunch 

Begin with Some Stretching 

Moving requires some elbow grease, and it’s easy to pull a muscle. To keep yourself from pulling or straining something, do some stretches before you start moving. Make sure your arms, legs, back, and shoulders are stretched. 

Dress for the Occasion 

Flip-flops are no good for moving day. It’s all too easy to drop a box on your foot and hurt yourself without the proper gear. To make sure you’re dressed safely for a move, our Winnipeg movers recommend: 

  • Wearing Close-Toed Shoes with Good Traction 
  • Wearing Flexible Clothes that Aren’t Baggy 
  • Putting Hair Up If You Have Long Hair 

Don’t Overpack Boxes 

Instead of stuffing big boxes full, try to spread out the weight of your items evenly across medium to small-sized boxes. Trying to carry weighty boxes increases the risk that you’ll drop a heavy box, which could cause an injury. 

Keep Your Pathway Clear 

To keep yourself from tripping while you’re trying to move furniture and boxes, keep a pathway clear that lets you walk from boxes and furniture to the moving truck. Having a clear walkway makes it less likely for you to drop heavy boxes while you’re carrying them or bump into someone walking ahead of you. 

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