While the summer and spring seasons are popular times to move, there are many benefits to moving during the winter holidays. A moving provider is more likely to have availability during the winter and will have a more flexible schedule. 

If you want to move during the winter holidays, you must plan accordingly for the relocation. There are some unique challenges you will need to plan for when relocating during the holidays. This article will cover some helpful tips for moving during the holiday season. 

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute to Hire Movers

No matter the season, you should hire a moving company early in the relocation process. The planning process requires some time to ensure that everything goes smoothly throughout the move. Hiring a moving company early is even more important during the holidays, as the movers may take time off during the month. 

Start Packing Early

The holidays are a chaotic time for many people, so it's best to pack your belongings early in the process. When you pack items early, you won't have to worry about packing when gathering with family or friends. Additionally, you can avoid the responsibility of packing your items by hiring residential movers for the job. 

Let Others Host the Holiday Gathering

If your home is usually the location for holiday gatherings, you may have to host it at another location for one year. A holiday gathering requires a lot of preparation and cleaning, which adds more work for you during the relocation. You can reduce stress by letting another person host the event while you plan for the relocation. 

Hold Off on Large Purchases

There are typically large discounts on items during the holidays that many people look forward to each year. However, you may need to pass on the large purchases until you relocate to your new home. Making purchases on large items will add more work for you during moving day and take up space on the moving truck. 

You should avoid making large purchases for items like:

  • Furniture
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Televisions

Have Your Holiday Decorations Clearly Labeled

Moving doesn't mean you have to miss decorating for the holidays. If you usually decorate your home, you can decorate your new property once you arrive. However, it's best to clearly label your decorations and keep them in an easy-to-reach box once you arrive. You can take them out of the box easily and decorate your property. 

Get a Moving Estimate Ahead of Time

Do you typically spend more money during the holidays? If you want to plan easier for your relocation, you should ask for a moving estimate before the move. Once you learn the costs of the relocation, you can better plan financially for the holiday months. However, it would be best if you also gave yourself flexibility in your budget as the price for gas and other expenses may change unexpectedly. 

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