Moving in the spring is always a refreshing experience. You can get some great weather that does not over stress your body or your home. However, it doesn’t make the actual process of Local moving any easier. Doing any kind of move yourself can be a stressful process no matter the weather, so it is important to look into how you can make your next move a seamless process. At Winnipeg Moving we thought it would be great to give out some tips on making your spring move a success! Call us if you have any questions on best moving practices.

Declutter Your Home

Do you participate in spring cleaning every year? It always seems like spring is a great time to have a garage sale to get rid of items that have been clogging up your closets. If you are planning on moving during this clean out time period it is important to clean out your items before you move. You do not want to pack up an entire box and move it just to throw it all away in your new home. Cleaning out your home before you get professional pictures done can also make your house look pristine for selling.

Be Prepared for Rain

April showers bring May flowers and if you plan on moving during this time frame it is important to expect some rain. You may get a day where it is sunny and 70 or you may end up needing to get your entire team some ponchos, but either way your move can be successful. We suggest you get waterproof coverings for your boxes and wrap items in plastic to ensure nothing gets damaged from the rain. You may also want to put towels and coverings on your flooring to help keep any non-waterproofed spaces safe.

Schedule Your Move for School Hours

If you have children, it is always suggested that you find some sort of childcare for them while you are focused on moving. With boxes everywhere and doors being left open you never know where a child will end up! We find it most helpful to move during normal school hours so you know exactly where your children are. Just think of how fun it will be to pick your children up from school and bring them to your new home. Then you can use this new excitement to have them help you unpack.

Schedule Your Movers Early

It is important to remember that spring is a popular time for local moving companies. If you are looking to hire a professional moving team, Winnipeg Moving would be happy to help. Our team has completed spring moves successfully since 1975. Call us as soon as possible to schedule your next move and to get a free estimate.