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As you get older moving can become more difficult for various reasons. Loss of strength, lack of family in the area to help, no matter what the reason is you need a reliable company to help you relocate. Winnipeg Moving specializes in senior moving and understands the extra level of attention our customers require. We will plan everything from day one and our thorough yet affordable moving services will make the experience pleasant and stress-free from beginning to end.

We have experience moving seniors to a variety of living environments including:

  • New Personal Residence
  • Independent Senior Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Retirement Community
  • Long-Term Care Community
  • Transfer within Current Community

Our understanding of the overall process has made us a favorite for senior movers all across Manitoba. Here is a typical moving schedule: First, an elderly moving specialist will consult with the senior at least two weeks prior to the move. The specialist will address which items the client would like to keep and what to give to family or charity. Next, depending on the amount of items and the distance between the two locations, we will pack up everything the client won't need for everyday use. We will arrive early to pack the remaining items on moving day.

The belongings will be directly moved into the new residence unless otherwise specified and Winnipeg Moving will always stay until the elderly client is 100% satisfied with their furniture arrangement.

Elderly Relocation

As one of the top senior movers in the area, Winnipeg Moving is always helping seniors smoothly transition into their new living quarters whether it's assisted living relocation or the spare bedroom of a relative. Please call us at 877-679-7690 or fill out our form for a free quote today!

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