Did your boss just spring a last-minute move on you and your family during the holiday season? Or do you want to start your new year off in your new home? No matter your reason for moving during the holidays, you don’t have to let the stress of the season get the best of you. If you keep these tips in mind, you can easily survive moving during the holidays!

Keep Your Budget in Mind

It’s hard enough to stay within your usual budget around the holidays. Whether you’re buying gifts or paying for travel expenses, you might find yourself getting carried away with your spending. When you add the costs of moving, you could quickly find yourself going over your budget. If you know about your move far enough in advance, you should put aside money ahead of time to cover your relocation costs. Otherwise, you need to remember to keep your budget in mind to avoid going over it.

Plan Your Timeline Carefully

Even though Winnipeg local movers typically have fewer moves to take care of during the off-season, they still have plans for themselves. For that reason, you need to make sure you plan out your timeline and hire a moving company that can meet your needs.

You should also make sure that you allot for heavy traffic. The holidays are some of the most heavily traveled days of the year, so you need to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to drive to your final destination.

Separate Holiday Décor from Other Items

Just because you’re are moving during the holidays doesn’t mean that you have to skip celebrating this year. Instead, you should carefully plan out your packing so that all of your holiday decorations are easily accessible. If you are hiring professional movers to help you with all of your packing, you need to make sure that you tell the movers to pack your holiday items in a separate box that is clearly labeled. When they deliver your boxes, ask them to leave those boxes in your living room where you can start decorating as soon as you get to your new home.

Prepare for Winter Weather

Since the winter weather in Winnipeg gets pretty bad, you should always prepare for delays in your move. Aside from dangerous road conditions, snow and ice can make moving out and into your home more difficult. To prepare for the relocation, stock up on sidewalk salt and rubber mats to help prevent falls. You should also put down tarps to protect your flooring from mud and dirty water stains.

Would you like to find out more about how you can make your big holiday move easier? If so, give our local and long distance moving company a call! You can speak with a knowledgeable representative to ask about our holiday availability or our procedure for winter moves. You can also request a free quote from Winnipeg moving by filling out our online form.