As you plan your move, you’ll need to find the right date to hire a moving company. While many homeowners choose to move in the summer months, autumn is one of the best times to move in Canada. Moving during autumn allows you to avoid humid summers and get in your new home before the winter storms hit. A professional moving company will provide you with everything you need to plan your next move before winter arrives!

1. Stick to an On-Time Move

Unexpected winter storms can delay your entire relocation, and when you’re dealing with closing dates and move-in agreements, time is of the utmost importance. Winter creates a variety of moving interruptions from road closures to icy sidewalks. While local movers can assist, you still need to plan for enough time to drive to your new house, get items inside, and unpack. Since autumn provides plenty of clear days, you can still stick to a tight schedule to get packed up and moved out on time.

2. Receive Flexible Moving Dates

Moving requires plenty of advanced planning, especially when you’re moving long distances. Summer is one of the most popular times to move, but that means professional moving companies can become booked quickly. As you get deeper into fall, moving companies have more open availability to suit your needs. This is perfect for homeowners looking for a low-stress, cost-effective way to move.

3. Set Aside Enough Time to Prepare for the Holidays

One of the most enjoyable parts of moving is getting settled into your new home. When you move in early fall, you can get your home ready come the holiday season. This gives you enough time to get unpacked, pick up any finishing touches, and relax before guests arrive. Working with a residential mover gives you access to comprehensive services that make settling in a breeze.

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